Your Pure Potential

What has been manifest throughout my day has been the concept of potential. In meditating on this, steer away from what we know of potential and see it for what it truly is, all that is. Our consciousness is infinite; there are no limits to its reach, in this and higher dimensions, all of creation itself. Our thoughts are the physical expression of what has come down through our consciousness, but only in moments of stillness. The brain/mind, which exists here on the 3rd dimension, is nothing more than a tool for our experiences. Albeit a very powerful tool, but a tool none the less, that has its own ability to identify with itself, it manifest ego. It also has the ability to form thought, and this more often than not, is the birth place of negativity. But as with anything else, thought is a form of energy, even from its conception. Energy is both a particle and a wave, it exists as pure potential until it has been observed, at which point it collapses and ‘becomes’. This thought, now a wave, goes out into the air around you, and out into the universe. Like a radio antennae you are sending out a signal. What then happens to signals in this fashion typically? If you think in the way of the law of correspondence, “as above so below”, compare it to what we already know, literally a radio antenna. Sending out signals they get picked up by those who are ‘tuned in’. As an ‘antenna’ emitting negative radio waves, you literally attract all those around you, including situations, that are ‘tuned in’. But it goes even further than this, as energy on the move can do one of two things, it moves forward until it disperses rejoining the realm of potential, or, depending on its mass, will gather more ‘weight’ until it eventually makes manifest into the physical, a literal creation. So think on this, are you continuing to emit this negative energy, not only attracting all things tuned into that frequency, but to the point where your energy gathers enough mass to eventually materialize into one can only imagine? All things are energy, how can it be any other way, so in this, so too are your thoughts. Think on this, but carefully, or rather I should say let being careful be your way of thinking. Better yet, connect and stay connected to your awareness. When you have or if you have a negative thought, let it be your practice to stop, take a breath, and literally change frequencies. Utilize the laws of Vibration and Polarity. Know that you were at that moment vibrating at a certain frequency, literally emitting waves in pulses out beyond. As they were negative, they were of a lower vibration. Increase the degree, feel or think on things that are of a higher state of vibration. Laugh, think about how good things make you feel, what makes you feel good? Visualize a place of peace, beauty, let your imagination go wherever it cares too, but the main idea is to raise your vibration, thereby shifting your polarization position. What is important is not only the thought, but the emotion or feeling behind it, as this is the fuel that gives the thought power. As has been said by many spiritual masters now and throughout history, if one knew how much power a thought had, one would be much more careful in what one thinks.

What you think literally creates your reality, and all of the reality around you exists as nothing more than pure potential. As with energy in general it can be a force that aids you or harms you, it’s really up to you. Just know that in every moment of your day that what you think and what you feel is and always will be a choice, your choose what to think and feel based on how you perceive.

By Matthew

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