Where is Your Ego?

Yesterday was a day to reflect on ego and its ever present wants. I often think of the ego in many ways throughout my day, or I should say it comes into awareness. The spoiled little child that screams for what it wants, the rebellious teenager, the obsessive person who is never satisfied, and the over bearing parent who always criticizes and doesn’t encourage, just to name a few. But as in all things there is a polar opposite; the ever present sub awareness, the kind heart, the compassionate being, the portion of ego that thinks its awareness and so on. As is taught in eastern philosophies it’s the ever present battle of two minds. There is the mind of awareness and the mind of the ego. The idea that the ego can be defeated is a false one, but rather in some ways it must be honored. We are here in this life to experience, learn, grow and evolve, we do so through experience, how we live and the choices we make. But what’s important is to ever remain in awareness, to understand that what we feel, think, and how we react is always a choice. To come to a state of awareness that disallows the mind to be in the driver’s seat. To know what it is your feeling, when you are feeling it, and in most cases just to hold onto the awareness. But should it be one of negative reflection, be aware of it, turn inward and discover what its true source is. Sometimes it will surprise you to know where a negative emotion or thought is really coming from, and once that is achieved you can ‘change the channel’. The mind is Dukkha – Suffering, pain and insanity – we can see clear examples of this everyday around us and in the news. Why give it the power, it is part of your vehicle in this dimension that will allow you to have the experience and grow from it. Take back the steering wheel and come back to love, gratitude, compassion, and seeing the beauty in all things, it’s always a choice.

By Matthew

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