What is Empathic Guidance?


Empathic Guidance is supporting people in their personal lives, whether by spiritual understanding, growth and evolution – centering and discovering their true purpose. Or more simply, in their everyday life – be it work, life, love, dating and relationships. As an Empath I help people reconnect with that part of themselves deep within. A guide, teacher and healer into self-discovery, growth and personal development.


My name is Matthew, I am a natural born Empath, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Empathic Guide/Coach with 32 years spiritual and consciousness experience.

I specialize in connecting to personal energy as a guide, healer, and empathic coach. I support people in developing their conscious awareness to realize their true purpose and potential.


As an Empath it is my calling in this life to guide and heal people. I have dedicated myself completely to this calling. It is my full time job, not something I do on the side. My full heart, spirit and intellectual learning of a lifetime are completely devoted to those whom I work with.


Each session is obviously unique to each individual, email for a consultation