The Shift

There will be times…There will be times when it seems hard, your body and your ego will resist. Your ego, in sorts, is fighting for its life. Ego/form is not eternal and your true eternal self is. Always keep this in the forefront of your thinking; there will be times when the ego tries to make you doubt, whether it’s through pain, emotional or physical, it will try and make itself heard. Every moment it unfolds will be another step towards the awakening. This is the shift, and no one ever said it was without difficulty. It’s through pain and suffering that we take in the greatest lessons at times. It is in these moments that we must try and remember to always be in awareness, just breathe, but more importantly remember to love. Connect with those who you are most close to, even those you may not be close to, more importantly, those who attack or resent you. Remember to forgive, remember to heal, and to stay healed you have to continue to stay in the energy that is going to equate to your freedom. It is this that reminds you, all of this is a process. This is what we are here to do, experience, grow, love, share, feel, cry, laugh, love, and yes even get angry, or resent. These emotions show us both sides and allow us to be aware to begin with. Remember who you are, what you are, immortal, you cannot be harmed in any way, at any time. Sickness is and always will be nothing more than a trick, something to fool you into falling back into your ego and false self. But this never was and never will be who you truly are.

I say this to you as we walk this journey together. One of the hardest things to embrace is the separation, the release, the letting go, detachment, which in and of itself is also an illusion. But this is what the ego wants you to believe, as sometimes you can face fear thinking that if you let go, you either loose/worry for those who you think you are losing. But love is eternal it never leaves you, it only evolves, it will always be the one thing you carry with you into the rejoining. You are divine this is your core nature, into the realm that is your true home love takes on new forms and evolves with you. So when you fear that those you leave behind are lost either through grief or feeling alone, remember that they are always with you just as you are always with them. You are both one with not only the ones you love, but with all things. You cannot lose that which is eternal. When you have moments of doubt, fear, loss, or sorrow, remember it is the ego, and not you’re true being which only knows love. Going home is and always will be the rejoining into perfect love, perfect peace.

Always remember to breathe…

Always remember…

Always be…

Feel, do not think, love…

The shift is happening to you, and it’s never something to be afraid of, but to be fully embraced and experienced, to evolve.

By Matthew

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