The Prisoner Within

Why is it we do the things we do? How many times a day do you beat yourself up? “if only I could…” is a question we all ask ourselves every morning. Everyone has within them a self that keeps them prisoner, a prisoner of habit. Habits that keep us from the image we also all have of our “Ideal Self”, the self we wish we could be. Whether it is in good health, more motivated to stay on track with certain goals, better emotional habits that grant us a more peaceful life, or any other ideal we hold as a fantasy to a self that we so desperately crave, a self we dream we could be.

“Tomorrow I will wake up and I will do the right thing, I will eat healthy, I will quit smoking, I will do x, y and z and get on that track to happiness.” I don’t think there is a person out there that does not have this internal battle to some degree or another. Even those who are seen by society as the ‘most successful’ have some form of internal struggle they deal with. The more interesting question is why? If there is an aspect of self that we so deeply desire, why does it seem so hard to stay on track? But also in most instances we see the opposite, self-sabotage. In any other way it would seem almost foolish. For example, you strongly desire that new widget that just came out. It may be a bit expensive, but obtainable. If you were to watch your budget for a couple months, maybe work a bit of overtime, (or simply manifest it for those who are connected to source), you could have it without breaking the bank. This is how it works for most small material things that we strive towards; we will for now overlook the idea to the shortcut of credit for this example, as it doesn’t truly “give” us what we want. Now, again we will imagine that this new widget we want so badly has just come out, and you want it so badly it pains you. But, instead of following the aforementioned course of action, you frivolously spend every extra dime you have, cut your work hours, and cut up all your credit cards, thereby destroying any option to even be able to consider purchasing it. Why does that seem to be more foolish? Why is it that in the widget example of self-sabotage it seems less likely that is what we would do? But yet, when it comes to ideals we want for ourselves, a healthier self, a self that does all the right things, working towards what we truly want for ourselves, we do just that, disrupt any option of success. But even more common are those that don’t know what it is they even want for themselves, “I am so unhappy! But when I ask myself what it is that makes me happy, I can’t answer the question. I’m not sure if I even know what it is that would make me happy!” You would be surprised to know just how many people struggle with this very question. All too often I see and hear the above, and all too often this seems to be the majority in today’s world. So then why is this the case?

The answer is simple, yet profound enough for people to not fully grasp the gravity of the truth. The first obstacle to overcome is conditioning. You must take all you think you know which in most all cases is what you have been told, and eliminate it from your being. This is easier said than done, and when something is worth having, it never is easy to begin with. Secondly, you must fully realize that every thought is a generator. Your thoughts are energy, energy which is connected, like all energy, to all things. Every singular thought, attached or unattached to feeling, is a waveform that is sent out into creation to enact upon cause and effect. What you think and feel is integral to creating everything around you, your experiences, your opportunities, and your very existence. How you think and how you feel is what you are, what you will become, and what you’ll continue to be. If you are constantly in a state of poverty, than you will perpetuate more poverty, should you engross yourself in thoughts of being unhealthy, then you will also conduct more of the same. As simple as it may sound, or maybe even as deep, the truth in the matter is absolute. We cannot change the laws of creation; we can only utilize one law against another in order to shift the outcome to a more favorable result.

This can be a complicated as you want it to be, and perspective is 99.9% the truth of your reality. It can be as simple as this. Within all of us is a fantasy, a person we wish we could be rooted in deep desire. It lives there because this is the home we have built for it. We have convinced ourselves that this is not real, nor could it ever be. Take this image and change the conversation! Within your heart and mind, take it from thought into knowing.

This IS me! This IS who I truly am, always was, and always will be. I accept my temporary position in this moment as just that, temporary. In a way it would be as if your life had a cold. Soon, very soon, you will start to recover and become healthy again. The you that is sick with a cold is not your permanent state of being. As with a cold you will get over it and be healthy again, become the real you again. In this you must know, that although at this moment you may not “Be” this image of you, you know that it IS you, always was you. You feel it in you, as real as the burning passion and desire for it to be true. It’s just a matter of time before you can shift out of your temporary alignment of what is now, into what is and always was. Maybe you can see it as if you were traveling; staying at a small and uncomfortable hotel and soon you will be home in your roomier, luxurious, and more comfortable home. You know it is real; you are just not in it at this moment. But in the meantime, within your heart and mind, for every moment of the day, every second, you “think” and “feel” this “you”. This life that always was meant to be, (which now is) and what it would feel like to be in it, experience it within your heart and mind.

Its as simple as that, spend the rest of your day going through the motions of what it is you are doing, always be in the moment, be in awareness. Use your mind for what it was meant to be used for, a tool; a tool for your spiritual being to create and manifest. Your mind, your thought, your emotional vibration, empowers the creation of your idea into perceived reality, 3rd dimensional space. Project your thoughts and feelings out into the universe and watch as the shift comes into being

Know, Trust, create, become…



By Matthew

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