The Price of Stains Past….

One thing that cannot be denied is the expression of our experiences. We are in a way a sum of our parts, our habits, our “ways” if you will. How we act, react, and deal with life itself, of course I speak of ego.

The thing is, as long as you draw breath you will have an ego. The idea that you can defeat the ego is a farce.  If you have “defeated ego” congratulations you are dead, passed on to the higher realms! You have a mind and therefor you have an ego, ever present, ever crying for attention and validation!

The mind is both your and the world’s most powerful tool. As we go through this life’s expression, we experience. With each experience we create an action or a series of actions, whether by thought, word, or action. We are not “I” but rather “We”, connected to all, so we are also the reaction of another action within the experience. In simpler terms, our experiences are a combination of both our expression and that of others – person(s), object(s) or both.

Let’s break it down to something simpler to relate too…

You are a child, and in the moment you are faced with your parent yelling at you in an abusive way (you can unfortunately easily be victim to another’s Duhhka). In that moment a series of actions are taking place. The actions of your thoughts, the words you speak, and the actions you take. There is also the environment and the complete actions of the parent or others involved. All these actions come together to create the experience, which will then lead to the reaction or effect by which is the price to be paid. This is Karma, Dharma and samsara in action! In this example within the moment, you are like a pure glass of distilled water and the experience of actions is a vial of food coloring. The action takes place, the food coloring is added to the water, and now the water is stained and/or changed, this is the “reaction”, the effect of the cause. This is what you are left with now and into the future. You cannot change what is done; the water has been stained, changed. How much effort would be needed to now re-purify that water so that it no longer was stained with food coloring? As in homeopathy, water has memory. So even if you manage to purify that water to 99.99% or even 100.00%, that water will retain the memory of all previous states and additives, as above, so below…

So now what?…

This is why it is so critical to be in awareness to every thought, every action. Once it is done, it is done; the seed has been planted to grow and fester. You will now have to deal with the end result and the weight or price that action will take now and into the future. The prospect can be quite frightening as no matter what, that price or effect cannot be ignored, avoided or changed. The bow has been fired and the arrow loosed, it cannot be called or taken back. Whether it’s now or all the way into another lifetime, it’s your stain to deal with!

All is not lost, for this is when spiritual practices around the globe edify the concept of ‘repentance’.  I prefer the Sanskrit version of Upaya (which ironically sounds literally like its meaning, you pay a debt!), Catholics have something similar in Lent.  The idea is you make a sacrifice in order to “pay” for past ‘bad’ karmic debt. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward or karma cleared. But technically what you are really doing is creating an action which has a positive outcome, which in sorts cancels the bad one, light cancels dark, etc. We do this in order to clear as much karmic debt as possible. To at long last clear all debt and end the samsara cycle of life and death into enlightenment.

When you sit in stillness/meditation, contemplating that state of self that holds you back in moving forward in life, reflect on the stains past. Where there is fear there is no love, and so we begin here. Fear can have its roots in many places within; those roots can run deep and have many branches. But when you focus on one particular aspect of that fear, remember that only love in its truest aspect(s) can cancel out that fear, strangle the root of its food source and make it wither away.

Fear cannot be conquered, to do so would require resistance and resistance only results in more suffering. The idea that fear can be conquered also ratifies the idea of fear itself. Fear is an illusion created by the mind; it has never existed to begin with. When you think of the fear of death for example, being one of the most common fears, it is rooted in attachment. True love holds no attachment; it is eternal and cannot be lost, stolen, taken away or destroyed. All else outside of love is ephemeral, not real, an illusion. When your body/vessel has completed its task here in this physical realm and passes on, your consciousness, spirit, soul, energy, whichever you choose to call it, being eternal, moves onto its next expression. But what does it carry with it? As the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you”, but what you do take with you, as it can never be lost, stolen, taken away or destroyed, is the love you have for others.

So remember…It is SO very important to know and be aware of every moment of your day in this life. Every action you take, even down to your very thoughts, will ultimately create unavoidably so, as it is a fundamental law of creation, a reaction or effect. That effect or reaction is an ever present force that will shape our live(s) moving forward into eternity.

If you want to break that pattern, become “unstuck”, change your luck, find love, be prosperous, happy, find peace and content, and all the good that you can imagine, ask yourself this in deep consideration and contemplation…

“What have I sown? What is the price of my stains past”?

By Matthew

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