The Nature of Concentration

There are many skills that people will focus on throughout their lifetime. Most of these skills from childhood on will converge in a way that is in line with desire. A desire to be successful, a desire to be skilled in a musical instrument, a desire to be physically fit to enhance our perceived physical attractiveness; all of these skills are honed to ultimately get us what we want. No matter what it is we pursue/desire, all of these skills and education that we focus on and build are rooted in one thing, concentration. Our ability to concentrate will literally determine our level or degree of success or excellence in any of these endeavors. Not only will it determine the level of success, but also the degree of difficulty. How well we can focus and concentrate our awareness, mind and consciousness, will ultimately determine how hard or rather how smart we work.

This is a perspective that most understand, agree and forwardly know, but it goes even further than that. Take time to consider and expand your perception of just what concentration is and means. Our level of concentration also determines our physical, emotional and even spiritual health and well-being. How sharp our degree of focus and concentration is, literally determines the outcome of how we see things and feel about them. The actual condition of our physiology and our experiential reality all manifest from the top down, Spirit, Mind, and into Body.

When a person meditates the effect of lowering stress, blood pressure, or even anxiety/emotional distress, amongst many other benefits, are merely a side effect, not really the heart of what meditation accomplishes. Although many people seek out just such physical, emotional and mental health benefits in meditation, what propagates as a result deep within is far greater and more profound. The focused ability to come into deep awareness and concentration is the foundation in using perspective as a tool turned inwards onto oneself. It allows for introspective empowerment, reflection deep within, and in doing so sheds the light of awareness onto our state of being in which alchemical transmutation can further take place. But first and foremost it gives the practitioner the potential to access an entire cacophony to the efficacy of the self. One becomes the deity to the layers of autonomy and independence of mind, of which the corollary result simply cannot be understated as supremely puissant.

Lastly it literally opens the inherent aspect to the axiom of enlightenment. The light of awareness and equanimity is the key to all things, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. So when we meditate, or exercise the power of our concentration, we excogitate the minutia to every aspect of our being. From the most primitive to the divine, we initiate our consciousness into empowerment, but most importantly, we open the door to awakening…

By Matthew

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