The Eye of the Beholder

Early on in my practice I struggled with being a loving and compassionate person. All of the various sources of spiritual teachings I read, studied, and taken into my heart made this very clear. As God, the Creator, Source, whatever you want to call it, is Love itself, then you must be also. If you want to get close to the source, find true inner peace, content, happiness and achieve enlightenment, being a compassionate and loving person is par the course. This sounds simple right? Well in this day and age of self-concern, narcissism, and self-preservation this can be a great deal more challenging than one would initially think.


All too often I experienced far too many people who were angry, stressed, bitter, fearful, resentful, selfish, spiteful depressed, anxious and the list goes on. It seemed overwhelming. In this day and age so many people have retreated into their own little worlds and everyone else on the outside was a potential invader. Now I am not trying to present an overly bleak picture. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of good out there as well. I do believe that at the very core of every person is goodness. But our society is so focused on materialism that you unfortunately get all the nasty perks that come with it, such as the list aforementioned.


As my every day went on, especially when faced with people who would be outright nasty, it became harder and harder to look at them and see beauty or loving kindness. It became all too easy to allow my own defenses to arise and snap back. I came to realize that it was an aspect of ego invoking an aspect of ego. Anger would goad anger, unkind words would give rise to a noxious reply, and acts of aggression would trigger natural defenses. I was actually the witness to one form of mind giving rise to another in order for them to literally feed off each other.


As time went on I attempted to reconcile. I dove into my studies, meditated, sought council from other Masters. I found of course many sources of insightful and learned teachings. It gave me hope, but it wasn’t sinking fully in until I came across the following:


Centuries ago Isaiah asked the question:  Who is blind but my servant? Or deaf, as my messenger that I sent. Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the Lords servant? The perfect man judges not after appearances, but judges righteously. He sees others as he desires them to be, he hears only what he wants to hear. He sees only the good in others. In him is no condemnation, for he transforms the world with his seeing and hearing. The Kings that sits on the throne gathers the evil with his eye. Sympathy for living things, agreement with human limitations, is not in the consciousness of the King, because he has learned to separate their false concepts from their true being. To him poverty is but the sleep of wealth. He does not see caterpillars, but painted butterflies to be. Not winter, but summer sleeping. Not man and want, but Jesus sleeping. Jesus of Nazareth, who scatters the evil with his eye, is asleep in the imagination of every man, and out of his own imagination must man awaken him by subjectively affirming “I am Jesus”. Then and only then will he see Jesus. for man can only see what is awake within himself. – (Goodard, 1955)


Jesus of Nazareth, one of the great Lords of our time such as all the others (Buddha, Laozi, ect.) all saw the world and the people within it from a place of pure Love, beyond and past all illusion! By being the source of Love, truly and wholly connecting to that source, they became blind and deaf to all things but Love. Take this into careful consideration and meditation. As it’s not so much that they were turning a blind eye to it, but instead “The perfect man judges not after appearances, but judges righteously”. When you see from the perspective of righteousness you see clearly, you are awake. You are not capable of seeing that which is not righteous. When he says “He sees others as he desires them to be” he does not mean seeing what he wants to see, but seeing them for who they truly are beneath “their false concepts”.


The ego and all its many faces, or “false concepts”, are purely an illusion. These are all aspects of mind that are created over our lifetime. Ego born in order to best deal, or in some cases not so best deal, with said experiences. When we have an experience for the first time, our mind, our ego, is literally created in that moment. It then becomes one of countless many that rears its head in order to react and interact with the world around us. It sees itself as the “I” aspect, identity, or rather the identity. I am angry, I am happy, I am sad, I am beside myself!! All these ideas of who “I” is are all “false concepts”. This is the illusion that is often referenced within Buddhist teaching for example. This idea of I is nothing more than false identities arising. All throughout our waking hours we identify with I (ego), when in truth we are actually asleep. Lead around by the nose as if in a dream, subjugated to the whim of whatever aspect steps forward to express itself.


So as the quote says, Jesus sleeps within us all. To sweep aside all evil with the eye and see the truth that lay beneath. Deep within, past the place of duality, sleeps our true selves. To awaken into who we truly are is to be the purest form of love. So in those times when I was seeing all those faces of ‘ugliness’, I was nothing more than one aspect recognizing and acknowledging another. I was the identifier identifying with an identity. This is the premise of the proverb “That which you see in others you despise lives within you”.


Now being able to still the mind, find that place within of purity, I see from a perspective of righteousness. In so doing one can easily reconcile any duality and reflect on the purity of anyone in which you interact with. To see the core of any and all people you are interacting with as Jesus asleep within, a place of pure beauty, potential, hope, and Love. To sit on the throne and gather the evil with your eye dispels the illusion of what is before you. In one fell sweep the illusion is dispelled and the truth reveals itself. Our truest nature is one that is as its source, Love that is absolute, without opposite. So as the Tao says “Whether faced with good or evil, She returns only Love.”


Once you embrace pure and truest detachment, even down to your own self or presumed “I”, you are left with the source. It is here you will find the essence of awakening, Love, Peace, Content, Joy, Wholeness, and Center. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful. In being nothing you become All things, including that which you observe.



By Matthew

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