The Awakening


What exactly does it mean to be awake? It’s something that we take for granted without even realizing it, and being aware is actually part of the process. When most refer to the term of ‘being awake’ they think of the waking hours. The alarm goes off, you take your shower, start breakfast, ect, ect, your day has started and we are going through the motions, we are what is commonly referred to as awake. Or as defines it – “to wake up; rouse from sleep”, the opposite of being asleep. Of course in philosophy it’s an age old logical equation. What defines the difference between dreaming and waking awareness? Most of us have experienced a dream so real that it felt absolutely real, and the only thing that made it “not real” is the fact that we awoke in our bed. But the experience is enough to make even the most rational of us wonder.

What we experience as “reality” is nothing more than signals sent to the brain, a perception of any of the five senses. Scientist have found that should a certain part of the brain be stimulated in a certain way, and in the right area, we could simulate any of the five senses and their experiences. “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” — Albert Einstein. We know that all of matter, everything that we perceive as real, is all made up of this thing we call matter, which is particles of energy. We also know that all of these particles exist as both a particle and a wave, nothing more than potential until it is observed or measured. So ultimately what we perceive as ‘real’, matter that we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, is nothing more than a collapsed particle/wave function of vibrating particles.

So what does it all mean? It means that this thing we called “Reality” is really no different from a dream, technically and literally. Mystics call it illusion; physicists call it the holographic principle, which was ratified through black hole research. From the part of the brain that registers signals, to exterior stimuli forming the experience of our reality, it is and always was nothing more than a perception. Now consider what the mystics and yogi’s have been teaching for centuries. That all of us are created into this experience we call life, created into plasma of energy waves that are forming and un-forming, collapsing and rising, always vibrating, there and not there all at the same time. The deeper one tries to understand it all, the more complicated and confusing it becomes. But the foundation of what they taught wasn’t so much the goal of understanding the technicalities of it, but rather awakening, coming into ‘knowing’. But all too often I am asked what does that mean? What exactly does it mean to be awakened? And are we really asleep? Walking in a dream of what we think is real? To an extent, and bluntly put, yes.

99 % of the population is asleep, going through this life not even realizing that the whole experience is not even real, very much akin to the story told by the movie ‘The Matrix’. It’s similarly aligned with what people experience in the movies. One could attend a five star movie; they would laugh, cry, get angry and experience a whole litany of emotions as they watch the entire film. At the end of the movie you would walk out of the theatre with your friends talking about this aspect or that, to the characters and their experiences. But unless you suffer from psychosis, you would not be in anyway emotionally or intellectually invested in the outcome of the characters’ lives, since it was nothing more than a movie, its make-believe. This is actually no different from life; none of what we are experiencing is real. We believe to the core of our being that it is real since we are experiencing it with all of our five senses. But truthfully we are not, we only think we are. We have no idea that it’s nothing more than a conditioned perception and we are unable to see past it since we are not aware of what really exist past it. To this extent, unless one was prepared to truly see what actually our existence is, insanity would soon follow. In the plan of our creation, our DNA, is built a defense to this madness. Within the brain is a molecule referred to as “The DMT Molecule”. This molecule has the same structure as the drug called mescaline, a powerful hallucinogenic. What scientists are trying to understand is why. Why would the brain need to produce this drug in the first place, what possibly could its’ purpose be? There is a radical branch of scientist, and many mystics, who believe that the function of this molecules’ creation is to “Hallucinate” reality. So that in theory, when a person takes a drug like LSD, they are not actually having a lucid experience. What technically happens is the overabundance of the drug causes the brains reality filter to fail, thereby granting the user a temporary glance into truth. To see the world and universe for what is truly there, to see into the essence of all that is around you. This is why shamans have used the psychedelic plants and herbs for centuries, to see into what they call the spirit realm.

All this leads now to ‘Awakening’. As Zen Masters, Taoist Masters, Buddhist Lords, Kabbalah Mystics, etc., have been teaching for thousands of years now, one must be still, to sit in silence. But to make it simpler than that, and yes it is possible, given that teachings behind stillness fill countless volumes, just breathe. As again, over the years I have had countless people ask me again and again what it means to awaken. Most have the idea that one who is awakened or enlightened walk around in a zombie like state, glowing light all around them, seeming not human. Honestly this can be the case to some extent sometimes. But even the Buddha and Jesus Christ, two of the most enlightened beings to ever walk this earth, looked and acted like normal people, for the most part. What made them different was that they saw reality in truth. By doing so they were no longer its victim, and they could produce miracles. As it all comes together (from other teachings you may be familiar with), when one is awakened, your vibratory frequency activates your DNA code, the remaining 97% of it, and limitations go out the window. As beings of pure conscious energy we have what would be considered today as super human powers, miracle workers without limitations. One simply has to wake up! With some it comes with time and persistence, others can be born into it, some experience a violent psychosis like state with complete breakdown, and if they survive, come out fully awakened and enlightened. Others can spend an entire lifetime trying to achieve it and never do. But the fact that they try is what causes them to fail. As we are technically already awakened, what we truly are is pure conscious energy with limitless potential, so how can we strive to become what we already are? What we need to do is undo the conditioning that poisoned us since childhood to believe otherwise. And that is in itself what it truly means to awaken. To come into awareness of our truth, as some will say it’s the journey, but one cannot travel to where they already stand. Like a hamster that runs in the wheel, you will run and run but never get anywhere. Bring your truth out of thinking and into knowing, open yourself to your breath and be still, feel all that is around you and listen to it vibrate. Pay attention to how you are intimately connected to all of it. Like a singular water molecule within the massiveness of the ocean, an infinitesimal piece of the whole. Just be, and say to yourself not within your head but in your heart, “I am awake now, no longer do I sleep, no longer am I deluded by illusion, I am awaked into the truth of all that I am, as my limitless potential unfolds before me”.  Then, as you open your eyes, see for the first time into infinity…

By Matthew

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