The Abyss


Today I drove into the Abyss. I remember many years back this is the one thing I feared the most in my esoteric practices. I even crested it once many years ago and withdrew from fear. Within Esoterica, to enter the Abyss is to enter into complete and whole oblivion, darkness. There is no ‘you’ left, you are all one and you are nothing. Left unprepared it can be a horrifying experience. I can say now, I understand more deeply the meaning of this practice. You come into a place or a state where you are not only still, more than simply connected to all that is, you become all that is. Technically there is no ‘you’ anymore. You are as you were created, all things, in all places, all at the same time, but beyond time. Eternity is ‘no time’; people tend to think of eternity as a really long time past even the imagination. But in truth there is no time at all. When you achieve that state of what I will call ‘no-thing, all things’, you exists within a realm where there is no time. Can you find where a circle begins and ends? To ‘know’ what it means to exist where there is no time cannot be fully explained in words, it can only be experienced, and to experience it you must completely and utterly surrender. Surrender all thoughts, all perceptions, all conceptions, all attachments, everything, and simply be. It not only sounds difficult, it takes a great deal of meditative practice to achieve. But do not think of it this way, it is also our truest state of being, this is who we really are. How difficult can it be to be what you already are? What you are truly trying to surpass is your own third dimensional self, the ego, the conditioning that is brought about by both nature and nurture, down to your genetic code. For even our genes where created perfect, once they have been fully activated through the highest of vibrations, which can only come from the source of unconditional love.

So as I meditate this morning I went to the Abyss, but this time I did so with the absence of fear. As I knew, being in stillness, that there is nothing to fear. Fear is nothing more than the absence of Love. I came to a place where it was unthinkable to be afraid, as I was merely merging with who I always have been – my truest form. It starts with stillness, in its truest form, no thought, no feeling, only knowing. Then you connect to all that is, starting with feeling your own life energy, graduated to your source energy. Then you ‘feel’ or know your connection to all that is around you, the air, the trees, everything, all the way to the stars and the infinite universe. Then comes the transition, you are one, you are all, you are everywhere, in all places at the same time, you are it and it is you. This is as close as words can work to achieve either a description or an understanding of this state. You, as you thought you knew “You”, is no more. But that is ok, as you have always been this way, you are connected to all things, and you are all things, you have never stopped being you to begin with. You are merely an expression here in this life, to experience, learn, love and evolve. Ever evolving back to the source, until the great in-breath to out-breath where it all repeats itself again, never the same, infinitely new, eternal.

By Matthew

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