The Absence of Fear

There is an old proverb, “Fear is the absence of Love”, a simple statement but very profound when you truly take time to reflect on its aspect within you. Meditating on either Love or Fear within oneself can be a lifetime journey for many. All too often I have counseled people who expend far too much thought and energy psychoanalyzing the aspects of fear that keep them from the love they could have for themselves or others. Fear is an illusion, an effigy and creation of the mind and the ego. A primal component to our physiology meant to keep us alive back when we were hunter gatherers. Although it served its purpose well, it has over extended it necessity. Ultimately energy never dies, our consciousness, our spirit, our essence, however you want to refer to it, is eternal.  Just like all energy it cannot be destroyed, it merely takes a different form.  Take time to truly reflect and meditate on fear, ask yourself: what am I actually afraid of? There really is nothing that can harm us, of course our life here on the third dimensional plane can come to an end, but when your time has come, it’s come, there is nothing you or I can do about that either. So again I pose the question, what is it you really have to be afraid of?


Fear is the absence of Love, where there is Love Fear does not have a home, both are root aspects. Love being the root of kindness, compassion, and generosity. Fear is anger, depression, bitterness and so many more. If you focus on any lower vibratory aspect of yourself it can always be traced back to fear. But better to focus on where the fear comes from, what life lesson is trying to be completed so you can evolve to the next level. All experiences in our lives are nothing more than a lesson that needs to be learned. Once the lesson has been taken in we can grow and attain. The universe, fate or destiny, (whichever you prefer) will move on to the next experience meant to help you grow and progress. There are no mistakes, just repeated lessons over and over until we learn. But Love, genuine true love, is the highest form of vibratory energy. It cancels out all lower frequencies. So essentially in times of fear, simply focus on Love. Raise your frequency, change the channel, bring yourself to a higher state of being to which you can focus on what needs to be learned, all becomes much clearer when you are in a loving and still state. You cannot overcome or ‘conquer’ your fear, to declare some form of war against an aspect of ego will only strengthen that aspect. You cannot dispel a negative aspect with another negative, two wrongs will never equate to a right. Only by empowering the opposite force (Love), will fear diminish. Only when we learn to live without fear are we truly living.

By Matthew

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