Resistance is Futile

This life is a journey, a job, a goal, an achievement and an accomplishment…

It is of hopes and then those that get dashed…

There are expectations and plans, set ideas put into motion, and even the all-encompassing intention…

There is belief and faith which are in conflict with nihilism and agnosticism. There are also smaller functions swirling amongst the tempest of the thinking mind, struggling to make sense of it and find purpose.

But in its simplest form this life is a journey.  We either learn, or continue to fall again and again.  Until we finally figure out how not to fall, we break the chain. From this, we grow and evolve, and learn more not just about ourselves, but about others and the world(s) around us.

This whole philosophy can get infinitely complicated (in direct reflection to the infinity of the existence we are a part of), but in keeping with the idea of ease, this is life’s most basic precept.
In an existence of so  few absolutes, one thing is for sure, change.  It is the fundamental principle, and the law of all creation. Everything is created, exists, triturates, (a carefully chosen expression) and reforms into something anew.

As above so below, (as things occur on a greater scale, so too on a lesser and visa-versa) take the stars for example. Formed from the dust of other exploded stars only to later explode and repeat the process. From stars, all things come into being.  Below the star, life is created, exists, and then dissolves back into its environment. Those dissolved particles transform or change into something else within that environment. In addition, energy never dies, as it only takes on a different form(s) or expression(s): Change.

Subconsciously, we know and understand that to remain in one place or in a singular state is to be “stuck” or stagnant.   This is associated with the process of decay.   A body in motion stays in motion, one that does not declines.

Herein lays the beauty of the process and the flow of evolution.  As we experience, grow, learn and “Change”, we evolve into something better. Every experience whether good or bad, contributes to making us a better being. In order for this to happen, we have to allow change and stop resisting.

All too often, people spend a great deal of time, effort, and energy into an accomplishment, goal or expectation. It is important to realize that harboring any expectation towards an end result forms an attachment. When one is attached to an end result one then lives, consciously or subconsciously, in fear. Living in fear is counter-productive to growth and evolution.

Simply spoken it is more about being solely in the moment and adapting to whatever the situation may bring. Knowing without thought that whatever arises is going to be an experience you’re not just growing from, but also become enriched by. As the saying goes, you may not get what you want, but you did get what you need.

When change comes, or at least tries, we go kicking and screaming. Just try and remember – that new place may be one you’re unfamiliar with, and it may even look more barren or not quite as abundant.  But rest assured that once you have properly adapted to its environment and taken advantage of its new and unique resources, you will find yourself awash in abundance (as is the nature of it all). Only those who resist lack, as their movement and their growth are impeded.



By Matthew

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