My Precious!

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

There are many, many things in life that we accept as true. Most of which are things that we’ve been told are true. A majority do not even question, but simply accept these self-evident truths. Everyone for most of our lives also believes these truths, have told us these same truths, and believe them themselves. There are also aspects of truth that we tend or choose to believe with no foundation of logic, but simply because we feel that way, a majority also see things that way, and best of all, those in authority have told us so. With all of this taken into consideration, or rather seriously overlooked, the question that we fail to ask ourselves all too often is why.

Why? This has to be the single most important question in the human vernacular. ‘Why’ is the question that has driven humanity into the future. It could even be said that why is the question that gives us purpose for tomorrow. As the old cliché goes, if we had the answer to all things, what left would there be? What purpose would we have? We live in an infinite universe and chances are this question will never be satiated. But that’s okay, rather for us as individuals: ‘Why’ is the question we should use a lot more frequently as adults than we do…

I found the inspiration to write this article based on a conversation I was having with a client. As we were discussing meditation, stilling the mind, mindfulness and equanimity, this person commented on the difficulty they were having based on a certain emotion they were feeling overwhelmingly. So I asked:

Matthew:  “what exactly is this feeling that is overwhelming”?

Client: “sadness”

Matthew:  “Why do you think you are feeling overwhelming sadness”?

Client: <<pause to pondered the question>>

Client: “I just do”!

The client then went on to explain in great detail where they felt the sadness came from deep within.  But the real question is why? What makes an emotion true? What makes something that you feel or think true or real? This could be one example of an ever present and critically important so-called self-evident truth. But in this example it’s important to reflect and understand the asking of the question why. In particular relative to an emotional state, as the mind will immediately dig within and formulate any number of reasons to justify said state. It will even take it one step further too vehemently defend its position! But genuine truth never needs defending or justification, it just is…Knowing.

What you think, how you feel, and even react is all based on an aspects of your ego/objectification identity that has all the reason and rationing of defending ‘My Precious’! Obsessive needs to objectify, justify, and qualify who and what we are. Our reactions, emotions and thinking are a direct result of just such identification. This of course seems so obvious that it then by default is a self-evident truth! …We assume….But if I at any time were to ask you

“Who is it that is feeling/thinking that way”?

There may be a pause, perhaps even a perplexed look at what should be the obvious!



To which then I would ask…

 “Who is <name>”?

But see here is the question that would most commonly get a laugh, as the very question of “Who am I” has been one philosophers and theosophist have been asking since the dawn of mankind!! It almost seems, and sometimes commonly is, a question that simply gets brushed aside as again, a self-evident truth in which in this particular case cannot be answered. But Why?

The next time you see, feel, or react in any way that may bring you unforeseen sadness, stress, anger or any “undesirable” emotion or thought, remember to ask yourself “Why”…But I challenge you to not answer with more questions, as the mind so desperately wants too objectify and identify. Rather create your truth, refuse self-evidence as hearsay and firmly yet peacefully open the doors to your infinite self. The undefinable you and its ability to create any reality it so chooses. Leave behind that insane little creature who holds on so dearly and desperately.

What’s behind you is no more.

What’s in front of you can never be known.

It is here, it is now, let your awareness illuminate what is real and create!



By Matthew

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