It’s Time to Wake Up

I was listening to a spiritual teaching not too long ago when he made a point that set my thoughts and emotions into movement. When we as human beings look out over some grand thing of natural beauty, such as the ocean, a mountain range, etc. we not only become enthralled by its beauty, but it also invokes something within us. As he was speaking I could literally see myself overlooking the ocean, sitting on the rocks in one of my favorite spots on the rocky New England shores. It was pretty easy to recall that feeling that it stirs within. It’s all too easy to simply dismiss that feeling as one being touched by profound beauty. But it is more than that as he explained. Simply put, your spirit is remembering what it’s like to be home.


That’s when it really hit me. As I intensely reflected on this emotion or feeling deep within, I realized the depth of that truth. It’s that yawning way down inside that touches the tip of your consciousness while you sway beguiled in natures rapture. Barely noticeable unless you suspend her sirens call and reflect in that moment.


“I wish I was home”…


And I don’t mean that feeling you get when you are on a trip and can’t wait to get home to the dog and a familiar bed (even though that comes close). But should you have ever moved to another country or state and lived there for some time, struggling to survive and succeed, at some point you see that something that triggers it. That flash of a moment that brings in the flood, all of a sudden you smell “Home”.


The Russians (as do many cultures, but none reflect the passion like a Russian) have a word for it –родина (roll the tongue and it sounds like rrrr-oar-gin-a). It’s not just your home but your homeland, the mother/father land, your roots, where you come from, your origin, your ancestry. Nothing can invoke that sentiment in such a way as to induce such intense glaze as that can. Your place of origin brings about in you a sense of where you truly belong. You may crave to go out and explore, live and experience, but sooner or later you will always come home.


As Above, So Below…


So it is with spirit/consciousness. Out there in the heart of nature, the cosmic leviathan of space lies the source of our creation. Look past any religious dogma or rigid scientific standard and just simply feel the truth of it. Your particles come from the stars, as the stars come from particles. You are a part of the whole of it all. As energy made you, you will return to energy, as energy never dies it only takes new and different forms. But all energy only exists as potential, and potential collapses once observed. Since your conscious energy is sentient, you are pure creative potential in a constant state of collapse. You are one and all – all at the same time. As so eloquently written by the Tao Te Ching it is the Nameless, and the second you try to place a name to it, it no longer is. You can only “feel it” and know it (intrinsically). This is the essence of the Buddha flower sermon.


It’s Time to Wake Up…


When you see, truly see for the first time, that which is what you truly are deep within; the very nature of your being, all things seems so frivolous, fleeting, and ephemeral. The irony in it all is the connected separateness.


The more connected you become, the more you will become separated, isolated and dejected (at least in your third dimensional ego). This is the heart of the scripture, “Be in this world but not of it”. You will become awakened to the foolishness of human nature and its cruelty moreso than is common sense. You will see the spoiled and lost little child in its redundant temper tantrum and smile (not in cruelty, but in amusement, as it’s all ultimately an illusion). But you will also understand that cruelty as suffering. When someone is in severe pain they are innately nasty, angry and harsh. You will understand that pain and respond with compassion rather than revenge, this is the altruistic nature of love, without conditions.


The Tao doesn’t take sides;
it gives birth to both good and evil.
The Master doesn’t take sides;
she welcomes both saints and sinners.

–Tao Te Ching Chap. 5


You will wait and hope, love and love all, as love is the only light that can truly awaken the world from its thrashing nightmare. For now we can simply remember what it’s like to be home, we all will eventually take that trip, and until then just breathe.



By Matthew

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