It’s that Time again.

All too often when I am speaking to either a friend or a client, ultimately, at least when I am in the conversation somehow, they talk about various aspects of improving themselves. Of course this is the nature of humanity, at least the ones that have the drive to live, love and evolve. I personally hope that all of humanity would take a giant leap forward in its stage of evolution! But I digress, what always seems to come about in any sentence following is something to the effect of: “I am starting on Monday” or “Tomorrow I am starting X…”.  This of course could be a diet, a new way of thinking, quitting smoking, etc, etc…

There is a fundamental problem with this way of thinking, and there is also a scientific/philosophical way of thinking that all too often does not get pointed out. It stems from an old more obscure cliché, “Tomorrow Never Comes”. Time is an ever elusive and immensely complicated subject matter; that is if you have ever studied physics. Try it sometime, corner yourself a physicist and ask them “What is Time”? But let me break it down to its simplest form for you. It’s the ever present truth that tomorrow will never come, as the saying goes. No matter where you are in time there is only ever one ‘time’ present, and that is right now. Think about it? When exactly is tomorrow? When was yesterday? You could of course utilize a clock, a calendar, and state that tomorrow “is” the day after the one you are in at a specific time. Eventually when you reach that point you will be in today, or now. As has been ever present in philosophy, the New Age movement and in multiples theologies such as Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching, ‘Now’ is all there ever was, ever is, and ever will be. Both past and present are figments of your imagination and an illusion; it can be no other way. So when one sets a goal and stakes that goal or aspiration to begin Monday, Tomorrow, next week, please know that it cannot ever be. Does that mean that some people have not achieved a goal with a set date into the future? Of course not, but no matter how it was stated, it only and always was completed or achieved when that aspiration was set in the moment, the here and now – ever present in your thinking. Realize that if you have a goal, a dream, or if you set yourself a new way of thinking and living, for starters take that first step. Some say it’s best to start small. But start now none the less, since it’s the only moment you will ever have. No movement towards an evolved way of living is ever wasted, and every so called mistake or slip up is never a failure, it’s an experience to learn from along the journey.

The most important thing to remember: In the journey the means are the end and the end is just that, the end. So take the time to forget where you are going without losing sight, and take your time to appreciate, be grateful, and love every single step as a joyous celebration to your development into a new and magnificent creation.

By Matthew

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