Its Always A Choice

Reflection today reminds me of the teachings of choice, the realm of thought all to often taken for granted. We little realize that it is always a choice on what it is we think, and thereby what we feel. The mind, and its ego, is a tricky tool. All thoughts, whether intentionally created, influenced, inspired, or by invocation, are ultimately chosen by our degree of awareness. To be connected, truly connected, to our higher and truest nature, means to always be in a state of peace, love and wholeness. Its only when we forego that connection that we get lost in the spire of the created ego. All aspects of our ego are eventually created, created by our experiences, but created none the less. Its only our awareness that can bring to light the aspects that step forward throughout our day. These ego expressions are occurrences that we are faced with for as long as we are here in the third dimension, spiritual beings having a human experience, but it is our choice how much power we ultimately give them. As an ever calm and loving parent watching their child have a temper tantrum, our higher aspect sits ever still, always present, but can only be felt in silence. Still the mind, take a breath, a few breaths, within the breath is life/light energy, find the stillness within and observe. Is this thought, emotion, or ego expression one that will benefit or harm you? What are you sending out into creation? Will it return to manifest good or ill? Find its source and address it within the moment if you can, or know you can return to it when you are ready. Find your focus and shift your vibration to one that will bring you benefit rather than attracting undesirable mishap. But in the end always remember that you are not your thoughts, your ego. You are as you always were, perfect as you were created, and within that perfect creation is the love that is its source.

By Matthew

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