I hang on to hope. I hang on to hope that one day, maybe slowly over time, or even suddenly, the human race will begin to awaken. Maybe it will happen with a few hundred…thousands…millions? But they will begin to become aware, and they will awaken others. Not by preaching to them, but others will see the truth in how they behave, act, and treat others. That kindness, happiness, and Love will cause those around them to wonder, stir, and crack open a conscious eye.

Every day I hope and I pray that people will begin to understand that no one life is more valuable or privileged than another. I hope and pray every day that all of humanity will come to the realization that we are all equal, we are all connected, both physically and spiritually. When we hurt another or even have a negative thought towards another, we are only hurting ourselves, and not simply in a metaphorically way but literally. Every day I hope and I pray that the socially acceptable norm for goals and desires of all humanity would be true happiness, peace, contentment and joy. Not materialism, which is an empty and temporal substance. Every day I hope and I pray that all of humanity would awaken to Love, and not just any Love, but true Love, the way Jesus, Buddha, and all the great and enlightened spiritual legends and leaders taught and hoped for us all. Every day I hope and I pray, one day the human race will realize, all of the religions of the world only serve to separate us, one from another. Love does not separate one from another, it brings everyone together, and it does so unconditionally. God Loves unconditionally, when will we, God’s creation, learn this and take it to heart?

Every day I hope and I pray that we will awaken, evolve, and become completely aware. Centrally aligned with the core of our truest nature, not that of the ego’s. I hope and I pray that even the smallest of a spark will lead to the opening of one’s heart and mind and they will begin the true journey into wholeness. Every day I hope and I pray, I hope and I pray that I will live to see that day.

By Matthew

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