Getting it All Out

We all have issues, or so the saying goes. But what commonly is referred to as issues are simply the label that society as a whole gives the experience. This is part of the illusion, a figment of the mind, as the only reality is the moment in which we are in. We are a sum of our experiences, how we grow, evolve, and expand into the next level of learning ad infinitum. History repeats itself only as long as we allow it; for once we have taken in the lesson to our hearts and understanding will the vicious cycle end. Ego identity is created through lack of awareness. When we have an experience, or are in a life situation that causes pain, we are left with a choice. Not only in how to react and what kind of power we turn over to that scenario, but also whether or not we allow that situation to define us, or in simpler terms, create an aspect of ego expression.

A bruised ego, as the saying goes, can only become bruised if we identify with it. There are no bad experiences in life, only how we chose to categorize it, or grow from it. This is a very deep and discerning lesson. It also can be at times one of the most difficult to take in. Some experiences can be the very definition of evil, and to try and take anything positive from it a challenge of a lifetime. What is most important to understand is this is a fundamental law of the way. One way or another we must, at some point, decide how that experience is going to define us, and only the most enlightened will not be defined by it at all. To be defined by an experience at all leads to believing in the false or temporal “I”, rather to see it simply as a lesson for us to grow by gives us freedom to advance. Ask most who have experienced something life altering or even tragic. Given the opportunity to go back and change a thing would be declined. What they have become as a result of that experience has made them a better person. Of course those who have chosen otherwise are either destroyed by the experience, or must continue to suffer until they learn what it is they need to learn. This is the cycle of personal and spiritual evolution, we learn through suffering; not that suffering is the only way to learn, for even that can be determined.

If the experience has become a part of you, and that aspect of you has taken an ego identity, many would say you need to get it all out, let it go. When you cut a plant from the stem does not a new branch grow? To end the cycle you must close the chapter, you must take it up by the roots. Face your aspect, examine it, see it from your truest self, your eternal spirit, and be still. What is it that I am to learn or have I learned from this? Examine how ‘you’ felt from an outside perspective. Once you understand the truth behind the experience you can go into forgiveness, and then gratitude, and finally growth. Let your ego identity and your truest stand face to face, absorb it and become whole again. Do not tell it to get out, but rather invite it in.

By Matthew

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