First Reflection…

This page, although technically a blog, is a place where reflections of consciousness, its evolution, awakening and connection to empathy, take place. It’s here that I will make semi-regular entries as food for thought for the moment. This journey we are all taking in this life is one that is done together. Moments of awareness is something that we all share, even if we are not sharing them, since they reflect back onto the people who we are most close to. The interaction that we share, not just with the people we love, but in the people that we deal with every day, is a validation of how we are all connected. It’s become the social norm, part of our modern day conditioning, to feel and think that we are separate. Even in the new age movement of today there is a tremendous focus on the “me/I factor”. There are countless books, seminars, audio files, ect that teach the individual how to honor the self. Although this is a key component towards conscious evolution, what most fail to bring to light is that this journey, our personal evolution, cannot be completed alone. As above so below, look towards nature and ask yourself; “is there anything in nature, be it plant, insect, animal or even eco micro environment that could survive if it solely focused on itself”? It cannot be- the entire system is inter-dependent. The very process of evolution requires the input of its environment.

So where does that leave modern society in its quest to “know itself”. When all too often in this journey of self-discovery the questions are pondered, who am I, how do I truly love myself, respect myself, honor the self? All very important parts of the process, but as is reflected in some of the most ancient of proverbs from many different faiths, what one does to another, one is actually doing to oneself. You cannot “treat” the system by only paying attention to a singular component; it eventually will stall or fail. So on this journey that we are all taking together, to awaken our consciousness and truest potential; we also must remember to stay connected. Your brothers and sisters (and I do not speak of direct siblings, but of all humanity) must be an integral part of that journey, to love, honor, care for, interact with and share in our lessons and understandings. Even the process of manifestation is dependent on the law of six degrees of separation. So my reflection of the moment within this entry is simple, awaken to the knowing that we are not merely all connected, which ultimately is too vague. But even moreso, we are one.  We all are derived from the same source of all creation, and we all travel back to it in our conscious evolution.  My soul/spirit and your soul/spirit are technically two individual divine sparks, but ultimately one. Think/feel on this ∞

By Matthew

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