What’s the difference between Empathic Guidance and Counseling/Therapy/Coaching?



Firstly, I should make it very clear that I am not a licensed therapist. Although I have studied psychology officially, my approach, from a spiritual aspect, does not fall in line with the classical school of psychotherapy. Also and unfortunately, modern science does not understand or recognize PSI ability.

As an empath I ‘feel’ people’s energy, and that energy has many levels within the energy body. There is primarily three, these being the Astral/mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual/higher self-body. There is also the issue of time, being here on the 3rd dimension we see only the moment, but on the fourth dimension ones entire life is one (hopefully) long string, from birth to passing. Again as an empath and an empathic healer, I first connect to the individual’s energy field, merge it with my own, and sense/read it through a combination of long trained techniques. In doing so I can not only find the root of issues, but also help heal them. I can help people see things in ways they may never have considered. Many times what we think is the root or cause of an issue can turn out to be something completely different. Empathy, as opposed to therapy or simply life coaching, is far more personal. Sometimes it may seem to even get too personal, depending on how deep the individual may or may not want to go, it’s all about comfort level which is also felt. The benefit to empathic healing and spiritual life coaching is I am not merely treating a behavior, which is simple enough. But moreover I go deep into the heart of a person’s pain – issues past, present, and yet to manifest. I help bring those issues to light from their source and heal them. So the primary approach of each and every proceeding session is focused on healing a person from deep inside out. Once addressed and healed, a person’s behavior in most instances doesn’t need any form of correction. As once balance is corrected and found the individual can from that point approach life from a place of peace, content and happiness. Many people cannot seem to move on or see things clearly until they find healing and resolution, as in the rhythm of life, until the lesson is learned it will continue to repeat itself again and again, sometimes into many lifetimes . Once that lesson has been addressed a whole new level of understanding can be achieved, evolution can occur and a new appreciation for life moving forward creates a healthy, happy and balanced outlook.

Once healing is achieved the next step can be taken, Spiritual Life Coaching. The Spiritual coaching aspect of my practice has its roots deep in ancient eastern and other esoteric philosophies. The understanding of mind, ego, and proper understanding of awareness is brought to practice. It is also a process of coming to know oneself for who you truly are. Being able to connect with what you came into this life to accomplish. To be in alignment with your true life’s purpose cannot be achieved if you do not know who you are to begin with. That can only be seen once the Dukkha of the mind is put to rest. The shadow aspect of the self must also be honored; the idea that the ego can be defeated is a false concept, its is the dance of Shiva, Lasya and the Tandava, the ying and the yang, or the duality paradox. As long as we exists in this third dimension, to live, learn and grow, the ego is ever present. Having a proper and healthy understanding of many of the aforementioned aspects, and many more, allows for inner peace to come forward.

In summary this is the primary difference between therapy, simple life coaching, and my practice of Empathic Guidance. Again, I am not a licensed therapist and all serious medical mental health issues should be directed to a licensed professional. Many times I have worked in tandem with professional therapist, so I do not by any means discount or disavow it. Mine is just another aspect of helping people heal, find peace, awakening, and honoring the human spiritual nature with an emphasis on healing at every level, this is my life’s calling and true purpose.



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