Despicable Me

As I reflect on the prior week to consider what to write about, it came to me during meditations this morning. The innate nature of most people to despise themselves, (def: to regard with contempt, distaste, disgust, or disdain; scorn; loathe) something that when you really think about it makes no sense what so ever. Why would anyone for that matter do something like that? Not only does it serve no purpose, not only is it counterproductive, self-destructive, and self-defeating, but the very idea would be by its relative nature, insane. What creature in nature sets about to defeat itself? Exhibiting self-destructive habits? You don’t see it in nature as all creatures are incapable of contradicting their purpose to which they were created. Unlike human beings they are without choice.


Imagine watching Animal Planet and seeing a small creature that spends all its day gathering food, toiling and working diligently, then taking all that it has gathered and destroying it, or throwing it all away. The very first reaction would be astonishment, then wonder, and finally maybe even laughter as to the ridiculousness of it. More importantly this creature would certainly become extinct as it could not survive in nature.


Interestingly enough people demonstrate this behavior all too often. The most curious part to the very idea of this tragedy is that there are many who accept this as part of who they are or their reality. Some are trapped in a victim mentality, drowning in scorn. Beating themselves up for this or that, the idea or term of being one’s own worst enemy is all too common. Not surprisingly, and as a result, we are spiraling towards destruction and extinction as a species.


Ironically all of this is perfectly in order, it’s just not recognized for what it truly is. The duhhka of mind and the negative aspect, the aspect that unfortunately we fail to recognize as even being present at all, and all too often take precedence. Lastly it’s the nature of mind that is hopelessly redundant and carelessly overlooked. It’s the nature of want, the suffering of desire, as so poignantly presented in Eastern Philosophies. The law of polarity must be observed you cannot have one without the other. A creative thought gives birth to a destructive one. An idea spawns an anti-idea, and mostly this occurs on the subconscious level, unrecognized and unseen. Other than a passing thought manifestation, the voice in one’s head that tells you “you can’t do it”, “you’re not good enough” or how about “every time you have tried in the past, you failed”.


As soon as we complete a task acquiring something we believed we wanted, we then discover the emptiness or dissatisfaction of it. We convince ourselves that “this was not it”, scold ourselves for failure and create a new want/desire, “do it again until you get it right!” it is the end that is misunderstood, what is in the end other than the end? To reach the end of the journey is to be left with nowhere else to go. Confused we create a new path and endlessly rush to complete or achieve it only to repeat the same redundant displeasure thereby creating even more despise.


All too often I see people struggling with this ailment of mind trying to discover what it is they want for their life, out of life, or more commonly, what it is they are meant to do with their life. Regrettably a mass majority then fall into conditioning. Falsely lead to believe that living in a certain way and/or by certain standards one can have “A Happy and Fulfilling Life”.  This most commonly is blanket consumerism, but of course those who have so cunningly falsified the truth have something to sell you, and that of course goes far beyond mere products. Ideas, philosophies, moral righteousness to name a few, sets into place a standard by which a small minority end up with all the power and wealth. But that is of course a whole other topic of discussion.


Being true to one’s nature and following a path that is conducive to positive growth and inner authenticity is the only path that will connect you to the truest form of happiness, peace and fulfillment. Disavowing the clatter of mind, concede to inner peace, and connect to the core memory of who we are gives clarity into just what it is we are meant to do in this life. The lessons we are meant to learn in order to end the Rhythmic cycles that causes history to repeat itself endlessly in this life, past-present and future.


Finding that part of yourself that feels right, your authentic purpose, what it is that gives you true pleasure, your passion, what drives and motivates you. This is what we all crave, not merely as desire or want (of mind), but in our soul, deep within our being. Many I have spoken with believe this is very difficult to discover, they are confused as to what this is. But how can you not know what you are? It would be like saying you don’t know what color your eyes are. Moreover you have had it drilled into you that what you need to be happy is ‘X’. But no one can tell you what it is that will make YOU happy. We are all unique and individually expressed spirits. What it is that we are meant to do, be, and what gives us absolute gratification is also unique within us all. Discovering what is within us is simply being honest with yourself.

Materialism, consumerism, objects or places, none can truly satisfy. They only give a temporary ‘fix’, like a drug, food or sex. Once the moment is gone you are left empty or to be hungry again soon. This is the lie, the illusion, and the only truth is doing and being your authentic self. Does that mean your purpose will leave you innately broke?  Absolutely not, maybe there is a great deal of money in what your purpose in this life is. Rest assured that if money is not part of the factor, or there is not a great deal of money in what makes you happy, then believe it or not you do not NEED money TOO be happy! But it is important to remember and take note: should what you do serve only you, then you serve the mind and not your genuine purpose. We are all connected, and disconnecting yourself in any way intentionally or indirectly can lead only to a destructive outcome. The plant does not thrive without the Sun, air, and water; neither do you without your environment and all it is connected too.


All living things serve a purpose, what’s yours?



~ Namaste ~

By Matthew

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