Brain/Mind Enhancement

Brainwave Entrainment is the process of using audio/visual stimulations to actually change the patterns of brainwave activity. Throughout the day and our lives we experience various states of brainwave activity, or different states of mind. Focus, Creativity, Problem Solving and Logic. Sleep/REM, Meditative, Awake and highly alert. Even the rare and difficult higher states – States normally only attained through years of meditative practice, effortlessly brought about through technology

Each Session is fully and professionally monitored and further complimented by empowered Empathic energy healing and enhancements through Chi/Prana flow.

Sessions are booked in either 60 or 30 minute timeframes.

Full Session – 60 Minutes – $50.00

Half Session – 30 Minutes – $25.00


Relaxation & Back Again (1/hr)

This session begins at 16 Hertz and ramps into the Alpha/Theta range for light to medium relaxation, then on down to Delta for deep relaxation. It ends with a return to relaxed alertness.

Stress Reliever (45 Minutes)

A combination of pleasing tones and alpha/theta relaxation for for relief from the feeling of being stressed out or emotionally upset.

Deep Rest & Repair  (45 Minutes)

When you require total rebuild and repair, this is the session for you. Use also after Strenuous Exercise or demanding activity. Allow time afterwards to gradually come back to doing active things. Paired with nature sounds

Optimize Personal Magnetism (45 minutes) dual binaural beats, 3-42 Hz

Personal magnetism is increased by feeling better about oneself and by increasing personal energy. This session is designed to assist with this, use before public appearances, speeches and gatherings.

“OM” Power Meditation (40 minutes) – Binaural Beats/Surf, 4-24 Hz

Meditate with the soothing cosmic sound of surf combined with the Schumann resonance and its multiples as offset frequencies.

Mind Awake, Body Asleep (45 minutes) – Dual Binaural Beats, 2.5 – 15 Hz

This program creates a dynamic state in which the body is resting and the higher mind is awake. It is similar to sessions that have been used to promote oobe (out of body experience) states. A powerful session of “Awakening”

Chakra Balancing Meditation  (38 minutes) – Dual Binaural Beats/Surf – 7,14 Hz

The first two minutes are spent in frequency ramps to aid in focusing. Then after a short blackout the tone changes to binaural beats with surf, and the exercise begins. The Chakras are meditated upon one at a time, beginning with the root, then solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and finally the crown. A four octave micro-loop introduces each meditation period, which moves through four octaves at one minute intervals. The octave sequence used for each chakra is based on the traditional note for that chakra, and the binaural beat offset frequency is set to 7 Hertz for theta meditation. This session is used as an accompaniment to chakra blooming.

Kundalini Meditation (45 min) – Dual Binaural Beats/Surf, 7,14 Hz

The Kundalini is in Yoga tradition a life force believed to be at the base of the spine, which when aroused, triggers intelligence and spiritual insight. This program assists in creating a deeply relaxed state while stimulating the crown chakra and is similar to sessions that are used to encourage a “no time” state.

Left Brain Stimulation Boost (15 min) Dual Monaural Beats, 3-24 Hz

This session stimulates the left, logical hemisphere in beta while relaxing the right hemisphere. Try with math or other linear/logical thinking tasks.

Right Brain Stimulation Boost (15 min), dual monaural beats, 3-24 Hz

This session is designed with aim to stimulates the right brain while calming the left. Helpful for creativity or other right-brained activity

Pleasant Dreams Power Nap! (1/hr) dual binaural beats, 2.5-10 Hz

Experience how quickly and easily you can drift off to sleep with the power of dual binaural beats. Recharge, Boost and Revive with this deep mind state!

Nap ‘n Zap (30 min), dual binaural beats, 2.5-28 Hz

Deep relaxation followed by an energizing beta-blast makes this session a very effective, optimized power-nap! With an energizing end it leaves you feeling much more alert.

Nirvanaphoria  (35 min) – Binaural Beats/Surf, 1-24 Hz

Microloops of binaural beats with surf and octave pitch progressions lead to the final 9 minutes of blissful energy-giving relaxation

Assisted Suggestion Assimilation (1/hr) – Binaural Beats/Surf, 6-12 Hz

This session sets up conditions for the hypnogogic state in the Alpha Theta region, close to sleep, the state of relaxed receptivity. Suggestions will be most effective after the first 12 minutes.

*Customized positive suggestion & behavior modification audio compliments this very special and powerful session

Accelerated Theta Conditioning (22 min) -Pulsed tone, 1-20 Hz

A deep relaxation/learning session targeting the theta range. Reconditioning in half the time!

*Customized positive suggestion & behavior modification audio compliments this very special and powerful session

Hemispheric Cross  (30 min) – Surf, 1-42 Hz

A series of ascending offset frequency ramps with ascending steps in pitch all in alternating phases promote maximum hemispheric crosstalk. A enhanced purpose session to reinforce Creativity, Problem Solving & Imagination.

Empowered Problem Solving  (30 min) – Pulsed Surf, 7.8-30 Hz

Stimulation in the Alpha and Beta range, in alternating modes. Let the problem fall away during this session! At the end of this session let the solution emerge inspired!

Dreamy Visuals (1/hr) – Dual Binaural Beats/Surf, 4.5-11 Hz

Stepwise progressions (no ramps) dominated by soothing theta relaxation and dreamlike images. This is a powerful session complimented by equally powerful otherworldly music. Use this empowered session to train, enhance, empower, and breakthrough visualization meditation training challenges! It also can be used to advance any Lucid Dreaming practices. A deeply powerful visual mental stimulation!


Medical Disclaimer

“Light/Sound Systems” or “Mind Machines” have been on the market for years. Thousands of users have logged many hours on them with virtually no reported ill effects. But there are some situations and conditions where use of Mind Machines is strongly discouraged. These devices create flickering light, which can cause seizures in persons with photosensitive epilepsy. You may be photosensitive and not know it.

“Light/Sound Systems” or “Mind Machines” products are designed for avocational and recreational purposes. No medical claims are made for “Light/Sound Systems” or “Mind Machines” products, express or implied. They are not medical devices and should not be used for the relief of any medical condition. Please consult with your licensed medical practitioner prior to use for any other purpose as the device is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. “Light/Sound Systems” or “Mind Machines” are not intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body. These products are not approved for any purpose by the FDA.

If you, or anyone else who use this machine, are subject to any form of seizures, epilepsy or visual photosensitivity, are using a pacemaker, suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, currently taking stimulants, tranquilizers or psychotropic medications, specifically including illicit drugs and alcohol, please do not use this service, or any other Light/Sound system.


In addition, even if you have never had a seizure, there is a small chance that you are photosensitive, and exposure to flashing lights can cause a seizure. If you are not willing to accept this risk, please do not use “Light/Sound Systems” or “Mind Machines”.


Please Note* Any and all First Time Mind Machines session(s) are proceeded by a thorough safety and disclosure discussion. You will be asked and expected to acknowledge any and all risk associated with the use of said technology as well as sign a release of liability. The entire session is fully monitored and safety is paramount.


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