Battle Stations!


“Battle Stations, code red!”

In this and the past weeks I have experienced this modality or thought process both personally and externally around me. Part of the challenge to empathy is not allowing others emotions to be absorbed, thereby taking on the attributes and personality traits of those I encounter. So in this week’s reflection I have meditated on this mindset all too prominent in many of us on a day to day basis.

The mindset of most in a western/materialist society is driven to survive, excel, win, or be the one who dies with the most toys. This is a battle for most, or it should be said that it is made into one.  We are a results orientated society, we work and fight tirelessly to reach our goals:

“All my life I have had to fight to survive”

How many times have we all heard this statement? Or made that statement for that matter? The idea that we must fight to survive is an oxymoron. Think of how this compares in the flow of nature. When a leaf blows in the wind and comes across an obstacle, it gently rides the current, maybe does a mild flip or two, and goes up and around. Rather than resist the current that carries it, it gently and calmly rides the flow dealing with each obstacle it encounters as nothing more than a part of its natural flow. The ‘flow’ of water will enact in the same way. Rather than complain, bicker, get angry, yelling and screaming that a bunch of boulders has interrupted the stream, water smoothly trickles a new path around it continuing its journey.

The idea that we must fight to survive or go into battle mode to win will in actuality only create more difficulty, stress and conflict. What is the natural reaction to being attacked? To defend and fight back, an aggressive mindset will create only more aggression, stress and conflict. The ego is all too ready to burst into the front of our awareness, draw its sword, or cry and lick its wounds. But in no way will you find true success, happiness and peace enforcing this approach.

With that said think of and remember the ‘Dog’:  Do, Observe, and Go

When you notice yourself fretting over something, you have accomplished the ‘Do’ portion. You have become aware of your reaction. Once you have become aware you can then ‘Observe’. The process of ‘observing’ is being aware of your reaction to the situation at hand. Your emotional response is most likely just that, emotional, irrational. By becoming aware of your reaction you separate yourself from the emotion of the response, it is then you can evaluate (not judge) the situation. Is the reaction helping you towards your goal? Is how I am acting or responding to this scenario going to benefit me, or merely make the situation worse by becoming aggressive, angry, or stressed out? Remember, aggression begot aggression; you cannot create peace with more war or fighting. This is primarily why ‘War’ on anything will never succeed (the war on drugs, terrorist, etc.). Finally ‘Go’ into correction mode. Correct your behavior in a way that will allow you to meet the challenge, go with the flow, or be in harmony with a positive outcome.

In the experiences of life, if we remain in the moment, carry no expectation of the end result, and accept whatever may occur along the journey dealing with it appropriately, success manifest possibly not how we expected it, but more likely exactly how it needed to be expressed. In doing this we not only experience success and abundance, but far greater expressions than we thought possible. It more often than not is more beneficial than we could have expected or hoped for.  As the saying goes, you may not get what you want, but you did get what you need. Trust in the flow of the universe, it will never steer you wrong, faith can move mountains.

When we expect we form attachment, when we become attached to a result we have imagined we become dependent on that imagined outcome remaining in place. It is that expectation that will create fear, fear of not having the imagined result as we expected. Living in fear, consciously or subconsciously inhibits creation, success, and most importantly Love. Fear is the absence of Love.  Let nature be your guide to living in harmony. Be as the leaf on the wind or the stream that continually flows. Wherever your journey may carry you, if you remain in peace, love and harmonious vibration, the final chapter to that journey will be a happy one. It is then you can meet and greet the next chapter you create prosperously.


~Namaste ~

By Matthew

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