As long as I breathe I exist on the third dimension, and as long as I exist on the third dimension I will have a physical body. As long as my physical body is part of my consciousness and I have not ascended, transcended or essentially become fully enlightened, awakened, realized and pure energy I will have an ego. As long as I have an ego, I continue to experience, deal, cope and contend with a whole range of emotions, actions and reactions in order to learn, grow and spiritually evolve.


I have heard it said far too many times in far too many ways that the ego can be defeated or overcome. Too many spiritual practices these days preach this as some form of goal. I whole-heartedly agree, if complete ascension is what you are trying to achieve. Which is certainly something we all should aim for as it is ultimately our fate to evolve and be rejoined with the source, the ALL, the Ultimate Source of Consciousness, the One-Mind or whatever you choose to name The Nameless.


To end the vicious cycle of rebirth and suffering is eventually everyone’s goal, whether we realize it or not. Sooner or later our consciousness will have lived and experienced enough lives here on the third dimension, it will no longer be necessary for consciousness to manifest at the lower levels. Moving on to live, learn, grow and evolve at the higher dimensions to whatever capacity it serves, “As Above, So Below”.


This brings me to the infamous emotional expression of Anger. This aspect of ego is a branch, albeit a big one, of the fear category.  There are two – Love & Fear. All things fall under one of the two aforementioned bases, the difference being that Fear is the absence of Love, thereby an illusion. But then again so isn’t the ego, but this is par the point. All aspects of ego are temporal and an illusion, but one that still serves a purpose as we live and breathe here on the 3rd dimension, the realm of illusion, within a body.


Anger is not something that should be ignored, repressed, shunned or regretted. It serves a purpose and can also actually be used for good. Anger can make us strong; anger is the emotion that can prevent others from abusing us or taking advantage. It is a powerful thought charged by powerful emotion.  The idea is to think of it as energy. Energy is neither good nor bad; it’s how it is focused. It can help or harm you, but it is always your choice on how to harness and thereby be affected by it.


Awareness is what keeps Anger is check, awareness is key. For example:


You feel anger boiling up, the first mistake is to take the path of resistance, let it out, let it express how it needs. Enter awareness, the ever presence that sees the anger, sees and knows its tendency or strong potential for irrational behavior, knows it’s born of ego. Through controlled folly you can harness the Anger in such a way as to have it be your tool, your strength rather than destructive explosive expression that can harm you. Whether it’s directed towards another or not, we are all subject to the laws of creation, they are inescapable, one being Cause and Effect. Additionally we are all connected, by those two primary principles harm and suffering will come back onto us, and many times worse, as it has traveled and gathered momentum (yet another principle, sometimes referred to as the three-fold law).


For your consideration, Anger is a part of our ego, an expression that can empower us or hinder and even harm us. But knowing its potential and accepting its consequence without guilt or regret (also in the fear family) we will eternally learn from it. Better yet, allow it to give us the strength we need in times when others may be trying to bring suffering upon us through their own misguided trials.


Although a slippery slope and not a path that should be walked upon without great consideration, Anger is one of Ego’s many tools which is born of mind. The mind is a tool, never an identity. Resistance is only and always suffering, allowing all to flow and centered through awareness we learn, albeit sometimes painfully, but the key is to learn rather than stew, dwell, resent, regret or become dejected. Allow Anger to be your strength rather than your dis-ease or weakness.



~Namaste ~

By Matthew

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