All Tied Up!


If you had a glass of water in front of you and a small vial of food coloring, you can guess what would come next.  But then instead of just pouring that food coloring into the glass, you are instructed to use the food coloring to change only 1/1000 of the water. One part per thousand, only that fraction of the water should change color, the remainder of the water within the glass should remain unchanged, pristine even. Is it possible? No, not in the slightest, no special effects or additives included, just a plain glass of water, it’s literally impossible.


It’s not possible because the water within the glass is all filling the same space, common sense right? You could say that the water within the glass is ‘Entangled’ (literally actually). All of what makes water, water, two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules, are undeniably entangled with each other. In physics there is a term called (hyper) entanglement, spoken simply it means – that which you do to one particle, also instantly is done to the other particle.


What is the point to all of this? Everything – everything that is everything is connected. We know this through the science of physics. Physicist have proven what Mystics have been teaching for millennia. Down to the very particles that literally make up everything in creation. We can even see an example of this through a very entertaining law called the six degrees of separation. Mathematically programmed by MIT students and expressed through a program called the six degrees of Kevin Bacon:


What that means, at least in this micro point within the Macro, is that you are thereby connected to everything as well. So what you do to others, you literally do to yourself. As if it wasn’t bad enough that you have to contend with the laws of Cause and Effect, intimately tied to the laws of Karma and Dharma. You also have to be astutely aware of that which you do to others, you also do to yourself, sound familiar?


So the next time you mistreat someone, the next time you cause someone pain, hurt someone, do something spiteful, and the list goes on. You are literally weaving and creating that negative energy and throwing it right on top of yourself, it’s an unavoidable truth. Jesus saying “Do unto others…” was not simply a teaching of please be nice to one another; but a literal statement, that which you do unto others, you also do unto yourself.


This rule also applies to the environment you exist within. Hurt or cause harm to the environment around you and guess what? Need I say more?


But then again, when you are loving, compassionate, and giving, you bring happiness and prosperity to all.



By Matthew

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