All Magic Comes with a Price!!

“As above, so below; as below, so above.” — The Kybalion.

The New Year is upon us and it’s the same circus ride we have all taken before. The question is what exactly makes this one different from all the rest?

Did you promise yourself that this is the year you will get it all together? Maybe you’re going to finally loose that weight, or be more successful? To at last find love, or maybe even plan an existential journey to find yourself once and for all, discover your passion, your purpose, what could be nobler than that? That has to work because I’m doing it for the right reasons…Right?

Time is irrelevant!  –  Albert Einstein

The past is the past, its dead and gone, there is nothing whatsoever you can do about that. You cannot control what you cannot change. These are things we have all heard before, but for as simple as it may sound, very few truly embrace its meaning.

So much is dedicated towards fixing or forgiving the past. The only way you can move forward is to make peace with what is dead and gone. If you spend all your time morning what you have lost, what once was, you cannot make any progress towards creating something new. The only thing past experiences ever had to offer you is a lesson to be learned, and unless that lesson is learned, it will continue to repeat itself – you have been warned.

It is the nature of the ego to resist change. Know that this is and was always part of your biggest struggle. To accept change means to also accept the loss of what once was. To change something fundamentally means that it is no longer what it used to be. Change is scary as it’s not something we are used to, or comfortable with, and leaving that place is unfamiliar territory.

But rather than living in fear of what could be, embrace and empower whatever is to come. See every new expression as a blessing, a challenge life and the universe has to offer. What will you turn it into? A positive or negative experience, this of course will effect the outcome as all causes have an effect and every effect is the ultimate expression of your cause. Blessings, manifestation and creation are a direct result of what you perceive it as, first.

“Live like tomorrow will never come because you never know what might happen”…Unknown

The thing is, tomorrow is never coming, nor will it ever. Making a plan is futile as it will always be just that, a plan. Having a goal orientated towards the end result is forever out of reach, it is based on an idea of something that does not exist. Therefore whatever little effort we make towards that goal looks nothing like what it is we are aiming for. This of course not only discourages, it is solidly planted in expectation, something that can only be founded in fear, that which can have but one result: failure.

All you ever have, had, and will have is what is in front of you right now. Every decision you make is the cause. The effect to the outcome, given your perception, will create your vision.

In simpler terms deal with what is in front of you right now! You will never be able to do literally anything else. Deal with your reality and chose to guide it towards your vision. Adapt to whatever challenge you are faced with, CHOSE to make that challenge a positive outcome.

Whatever you are trying to make a reality, trying to create, ask yourself what can you do at this very moment to make that happen? If there is nothing that you can do in this moment, than simply deal with what it is you are doing. When an opportunity does arise (and be sure to pay close attention to every detail, have a Zen “Beginner’s mind” attitude towards every moment so as to not miss any corresponding subtly or coincidence) make your choice, be the cause, and be absolutely aware as to your chosen perception in order to avoid a negative “Effect”. This is the true essence of proper manifestation.

No reward is ever given to one who does not work for it!

Now pay close attention, this is where the opening statements and quotes are going to make sense in correspondence to the rest of the article…

To understand life and all of creation we look to what’s already all around us. What you see and know within nature is that she is a fickle mistress. She doles out no reward to any of her creations that do not work hard for their place, hence the old proverb about the ant and the grasshopper. We do and have experienced the same pattern (As above, so below ) from parents, bosses, and teachers. No quarter goes to the one who doesn’t put in the effort – as the saying goes, the greater the risk the greater the reward, the harder we work, the more we earn (and I have not forgotten the working smarter to harder equation, it’s part of the overall formula).

There is and always was the dark path of course. In fairy tales it’s black magic. The character that wants the fame, wealth and power, but rather than work for it they turn to magic to get what they want. But when does that ever work out well? Metaphor for those who lie, cheat and steal maybe? There never was a short cut, but simply put, that which isn’t worked for is not learned from nor properly appreciated. More importantly the laws of creation cannot be avoided or changed; you cannot escape cause and effect. If what you did to succeed is questionable in nature, know for a fact that the effect to that cause WILL catch up to you! Magic ALWAYS comes with a price!

As above, so below; as below, so above.

Work diligently towards anything and success is almost assured, but manifestation puts its own two cents in parallel. So you then wonder – if I am working hard towards something, how does the universe or my thoughts and consciousness for that matter, have anything to do with my success? Simple, on the aspects you cannot control.

Happened opportunities, being in the right place at the right time, running into that person that made all the difference, taking that wrong turn, but as it turns out you found out about <fill in the blank>. All of which contributed towards your overall success, you simply would not have the level of success you ever could have imagined without it. I challenge you to talk to someone who has succeeded that didn’t do so without some form of “chance” or “coincidental” “right place, right time” input.

As the New Year approaches and you have visions of how you want to make 2013 “Your Year” know in your heart you always had what it takes to succeed on every level and more. Do not let yourself be defined or discouraged by what you perceive as failures, because that’s all it ever was, a perception. Change your outlook and make it a lesson into which you can apply a better or different solution towards the next approach, see outside the box or your past conditioning. But most importantly approach ever moment with a chosen outlook, feeling, thought and perception that is a positive one. This is Important because that vibration of thought, in every moment, is a generator of cause which will ultimately have an effect coming rapidly towards you.

May you have a Happy New Year!



By Matthew

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