For the past 34 years now my life has been wholly dedicated to a spiritual path, a path of awakening and enlightenment. As an empath I can see (feel) into a person’s energy body(s), help them heal, and find their true purpose. As divine spirit(s) having a human experience, unless we are in alignment with what we are created here to do, people will always have “that empty feeling”, feelings of being lost, like something is missing. In my own journey and in working with many people over the years, all too often I hear people tell me that no matter what level of success they have achieved in life (and some that I have met are extraordinarily successful by society’s standards), they still do not ‘feel happy” and usually end up reflecting on the question of “Who am I, really”?

I became a practitioner of spirit and light, guided, directed, and initiated at the young age of nine, being practically born into it. As a boy I was tormented by spirits and energies, I would unknowingly absorb other peoples wavelengths/frequencies without understanding what was happening to me. Being an untrained empath is like having severe allergies, some even develop into what’s referred to as a psychic vampire. Other people’s energy can physically make you sick, as you ‘feel’ and absorb their emotional output, such as sadness, depression, or even happiness, which causes hyperactivity. Over the years, and since then, I have learned to control and master my gift(s). For the past 34 years of practice I have had the privilege to study under many great masters, as well as many of the world’s religions and philosophies, specializing in eastern idealism such as Buddhism, Zen, Tao Te Ching, ect. I have been Master, practitioner, student, teacher, speaker, and guide in a wide variety of energy modalities; PSI development, spiritualism, philosophy, mysticism and esoterica, and path working just to name a few. At this stage in my journey I have completely dedicated my life to the spiritual path in becoming a Monk. My calling now in this life is to help people heal and awaken their consciousness, their truth. Assist people in healing the past and finding who they really are. When our souls/spirit manifest into this life, it creates itself to a specific path. Once one aligns themselves to that path, one will find inner peace, contentment, true happiness and love. We human beings are undeniably spiritual creatures, since the time of recorded history, and even in these modern times it is an undeniable part of our nature. As a Monk, Spiritual Master, and Empath/Empathic Healer, I will help you find that inner peace as is my own life’s purpose.


At age nine I was initiated as a light worker, with training in all things related to PSI phenomenon and esoterica. By age sixteen I had moved on to philosophies and religions, as well as higher ritualistic traditions. Into my 20’s I continued to hone my esoteric studies by expanding into the spirit world. At 27 I began building the Enochian Temple, a long and arduous journey that was completed by 32 (  I spent the next 8 years extensively working with the Enochian Angels of the Watchtowers and the Arch-Angels. In 2009 I founded the PSIence Society which is dedicated to assisting people evolve their consciousness. At the age of 40 I became officially of age to be indoctrinated as a Magi. In Kabbalah, Enochian and some other sects/traditions one cannot become officially indoctrinated until the age of 40 as dictated by ancient tradition/canon. I am now a full time Monk, Mystic, Adapt Magi, Spiritual teacher, Empathic Guide, and coach working in groups, with individuals and couples.

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