A New Dawn

The year continues and is almost at an end. Although I have not been keeping up with the blogging all that well, it’s mostly due to my devotions. July is the end of year two on my sweeping four year sabbatical reformation. Almost two years ago I set myself on the path of radical transmutation. transmutation in the way I do things, the way I practice, and most importantly the complete/miraculous healing of my total form, all seven layers of my energy body, of course including the physical.


Honestly I would have to take this further back, even though the meat of this reformation began two years ago, the ignition truly began 16 years go when I was charged with building the temple (enochiantemple.org). It was my working with the Angels of Medicine, Angels of Transformation, King Camara, and a few other lesser Angels that ultimately transitioned me into this radical renewal. Over the years and for a majority of my life I have been deeply devoted to the practice and study of esoterica (broadscope). The first 11 years I lived as anyone else and spent a great deal of my personal time practicing. It was the years following that I became a full devotee, Monk, Mystic, & Magi, throwing off the “normal” conventions of this world, being in this world but not of it. My calling and yearning is fully awaken, embody clarity into enlightenment, and unlock the mysteries of creation to my life’s purpose. It was when I relinquished my fears and surrendered to that purpose that life’s prosperity fully opened itself up to me.


The journey continues and I am about to enter into the second to last phase of my 4 year transition. The first two years were very challenging, but now as I am about to enter into the third I find myself even more excited to discover. All of this of course means I have been wholly preoccupied with the practice. Side projects such as the three websites and blogs taking a serious hit in the dedication department. The main challenge for me, as I am no web designer by any means, is the sheer volume of time it takes to create and maintain a site never mind three!


A short time ago I had the inspiration to no longer separate the three aspects of my life and presence on the web. Rather to combine them under one umbrella. So I designed a coat of arms or logo if you will. The Monk, The Mystic and the Magi. The Monk being the embodiment of eastern philosophies, theosophy, and ancient knowledge. The Mystic is the study and practice of all things PSI. The Magi is the practice of Enochian, high magic, spirit-craft, arcane lore, esoterica and all things related. For most all my years I was involved with various factions relating to any one of the three, and the three never seemed to meet. Then one day while deep in meditation and communing with my guides I had the “inspiration” to bring the three practices together. I no longer wished to present myself as one specific aspect of the three depending on the moment or situation. Mainly meaning if I was amongst a circle of Mages I would not simply take the role of Mage, I would remain true to all three. I think those who are involved in similar but segregated communities as such will understand.  But there are also aspects of secrecy involved that I am moving past to certain degrees. The world is waking up and I will play whatever role the ALL has in store for me, I am but a simple servant.


Overall its on my radar to better keep up with these blogs. I have received emails from the few who thankfully take time to read them asking if I was going to come back around. So I write this to let you know that I am still here and I still plan on posting my experiences. Thank you for joining me in this journey through your readership and I will be doing my best, but my practice will always take first place. Thank you for understanding. I do of course also do my best to answer all emails or personal comments in a timely fashion.


By Matthew

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