A long time coming

It’s been a long time coming…The transition of not only one server and web platform to another, but also in my own personal practice/journey.  I have been placing many things on the back burner as I continue to complete a long sabbatical, reformations, recapitulations, vows, ect.

My personal journey as Monk/Magi has challenged me in ways that I never would have imagined. I certainly did not think I would be where I am today; the road has been long, but certainly well worth it. It is positively not over, the beginning of this year has actually introduced into my practice/journey even more intense “duties” than ever before. From Fasting, to studies, chanting, meditations & invocations etc., all of which I feel continues to bloom as the ever continuous awakening process and journey unfolds.

All of these trials are leading me up to being prepared to enter an active practice of Magi once again. I have been away from communing with the Enochian Angels for many years now.  This is in some part a choice, but only so I could prepare for moving on to the next level if you will.

The last time I preformed any sort of evoke/invocation I was given a very specific set of instructions. Working with Angels is one of the most intense experiences a practitioner can endure, certainly in my own trails there is no other ordeal more demanding and trying. Angels exists on a plane/dimension many levels and degrees above us here on the physical plane or third dimension. Even the lowest forms on the hierarchy have an unimaginable energy, power, and intelligence far beyond our (humanity) most brilliant expressions.  I would compare it to tapping into the intelligence of a magnetar, neutron star, or quasar, filtered way, way down into the miniscule consciousness of a human being. The only reason this is even possible is because we are so much more than mere “human beings”. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our true nature is in line with these energies depending on each spirit(s)/consciousness degree of evolution. Ultimately we are all derived from the same source, only different degrees of evolution and energy expansion differentiate us per say.

With that said my last communion left me with a higher degree of understanding, but also said task given which really boiled down to various practices necessary for further evolution. It more simply boils down to breaking the cycle of duhhka and samsara. ALL Creation has laws, formulas; (golden means & polarity par example) rules if you will which cannot be changed, altered, broken or manipulated…Period. There are certain truths understandings and conscious awakenings that simply cannot happen until the ego is dealt with. The ALL does not hand a loaded gun into the hands of an insane individual.

So as I continue my journey many other things (such as this site and blog) have suffered as a result. Conscious awakening to ultimate truth is my definitive purpose in this life expression. I have decided to make a more conscientious effort to share my journey and truths as I come to know them in this blog. In no way do I feel that my truth or experience is anyone else’s. Creation is infinite! I personally feel we are all putting together pieces of the puzzle, and by sharing our never ending knowledge, experience and understanding we all come into higher awareness.

So if you have ended up here and read this, or maybe my past entries and hopefully entries to come, (I promise now that the site is up I will be making more of an effort) I humbly thank you for sharing with me. I welcome you to come back and share what you may have to say as well. (Comments are monitored)

Peace, Love, Light and Prosperity to you and yours


By Matthew

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  1. jgcoleman says:

    What a fascinating journey! How lucky I am to know you!

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