A Journey into Oneself

There are times when I feel so connected I can literally feel the universe. Then there are times all I can see is my ego, even though my awareness is “aware” of it being in the forefront, I am left to wonder why my connection is dwindled. Over the years I have come to understand and make peace with the knowledge that as long as I am here on the 3rd dimension, a spiritual being having a human experience, I will continue to be human. Whenever we are confronted with the teachings or the ideas of the great lords, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, etc., we are faced with their perfection of being as they were presented. But what is all too often overlooked or slightly mentioned is their humanity. Jesus lost his temper in temple, Buddha faced many challenges and struggles to his understandings, even the diary of Mother Theresa confessed that she questioned her own faith. Ego is not something that can be ‘defeated’, the shadow persist, always, like a spoiled child you must love them always no matter how stubborn. You cannot overcome war with war, or anger with anger. Meeting negative with more negative only empowers the negative force, as cliché as it may sound the only path in overcoming our shadow is to send loving vibration to it. Awareness is paramount in maintaining our connection to our source, in stillness and silence we will always find peace. But also key is changing the channel, in times of doubt, anger, or destructive behavior, no matter how subtle, simply going into stillness and drawing upon feelings of love, peace, beauty or gratitude will be enough to alter our very vibration and bring us closer to truth. Despising that part of ourselves that we wish to change, that which is not in alignment with the person you truly desire to be only gives that aspect of yourself more power to persist and grow. Learning to love the perceived imperfection is a tough idea to assimilate. But if you understand that the momentary presence of this perceived perception is only life’s way of teaching us a lesson we need to learn, we can then be grateful for the experience. In being grateful we open ourselves up to loving vibration, which can only thereby manifest abundance. See your vice as an experience you are grateful for, look deep within to understand the lesson to be learned. Once a lesson is learned history no longer repeats itself and the universe ceases the challenge given. Spend time knowing in your heart that the person you truly desire to be is already real, that being exists inside of you. That any and all obstacles to its complete manifestation are only steps, ingredients, experiences that must be completed for it to be wholly made manifest. You cannot bake a cake without first gathering the ingredients, mixing, baking and decorating. Have patients; find peace in the moment, and remembering always that being in a loving mindset is only difficult if you believe it to be so. You literally come from and are made of the source of absolute love so you simply need to remember, that’s all, it’s never more complicated than that. Think and dwell on that feeling through memory, the birth of a child, your first love, the love of a parent or even the unconditional love of a dog or pet, which can be and is the ultimate teacher.

By Matthew

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